Girls Track 2nd At Individual State Meet

individual state

The girls track team celebrates their finalist trophy at the individual state meet

by Jaidyn Hinkley

The varsity girls track team went to Hudsonville on Saturday for individual state. The girls did great and they certainly performed to the best of their abilities. The girls placed second at individual state for the first time in 24 years. Fowler took first with a score of 87, Pittsford took second with a score of 55.5, and Southfield Christian took third with 37 points.

The Ladycats came home with 11 all-state titles. To be all state, you had to place 8th or better in an event. Junior Alison Toner was all state in both the 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles. She placed third in the 100m hurdles with a time of 15.88. In the 300m hurdles she placed second and broke her own school record once again with a time of 46.02. “It felt really good because at the beginning of the year I was just focused on beating the record and as the year went on I got better and better and ended up crushing the record by the end,” happily explained Ali. Freshman Karrie Belcher was all state in the 3200m run. She placed sixth with a time and a PR of 11:58.54. “It felt really good. It felt like I was on top of the world,” shared Karrie. Sophomore Rachael Patterson was all state in pole vault with a jump of 9-09.00 and she received third.  “At first I was bummed that I got lower than what I was ranked, but then I realized how hard I had worked for even that and that it was a great opportunity to be there at all. I’m very happy to have gotten the chance to vault and become all state, but I’ll always want to PR/ go a little higher,” explained Rachael. Senior Mollie Smith was also all state in pole vault, placing sixth with a jump of 9-03.00. Sophomore Lindsey Clarke was all state in high jump with a PR and a height of 5-01.00. She earned herself fourth place. “The feeling is so hard to put into words. All of the hard work, all of the late practices, all the time spent with coaches, it was amazing to be on the podium and to be all state. But next year I’m going to get the record, which is 5-02.00. I was only off by one inch,” proudly shared Lindsey. Makayla McDaniel was also all state in high jump. She placed fifth with a jump and a PR of 5-01.00. All four of the relay teams made all state also. The 4x100m relay team (Jordyn Cole, Rachael Patterson, Gabby Richards, and Makayla McDaniel) was also all state and second with a time and a new school record of 51.49. “It was unreal! I mean it meant so much and to have it be a reality, it just makes me feel accomplished,” excitedly said Gabby. The 4x200m relay team (Jordyn Cole, Makayla McDaniel, Gabby Richards, and Alison Toner) was all state and second with a new school record and time of 1:46.89. “It felt really good. I was really proud of how hard the relay team has worked this year to be all state in the 4×200. It was so amazing to be able to run with those girls this year and I can’t wait to run with them again next year. It was an amazing year,” shared Makayla. The 4x400m relay team (Sara Cole, Makayla McDaniel, Rachael Patterson, and Alison Toner.) was all state placing fifth with a time of 4:19.15. Lastly the 4x800m relay team (Karrie Belcher, Gabrielle, Danielle Jagielski, and Renee Osborne.) was all state, placing eighth with a time of 10:23.80.

The varsity girls track team had a phenomenal year this year. They broke and re-broke several records throughout the year and they pushed themselves to their limit, won a MITCA state title and a runner-up at individual state. It all definitely payed off in the end. Until next year….

PHS Drama Class Performs “Much Ado About Nothing”

by Ashlee Spicer

The drama class at Pittsford High School put on Shakespeare’s “Much Ado about Nothing” this spring, and it was an absolute hit. The play about eavesdropping and love let the students’ acting chops shine through.

The cast was super happy on how the play turned out, though they did have some difficulty with certain things. Most of the difficultly was trying not to laugh! Junior Zack Bowers, who played Claudio (the Princes nobility), had a lot of trouble with that. “The most difficult thing for me was trying not to laugh when Dylan was trying to pick a fight with me,” explained Zack. Sophomore Gabrielle McCumber, who played Hero (the daughter of Leonata), also had difficulty with not laughing. “I honestly had a really hard time not laughing at the funny parts,” stated Gabrielle. Senior Dylan Clarke, who played the watchmen and Antonio, also had a tough time keeping it together. “It was so hard to keep my composure when I was trying to pick a fight with Zack, I just wanted to laugh so badly,” expressed Dylan.

On a more serious note some of the cast had difficulty with the language. Samantha Leggett, who played Beatrice (the niece of Leonata), had difficulty with the language. “The language was difficult, so the lines were harder to learn,” expressed Sam. Ian Brown, who played Dogberry (the head of the watchmen), had some difficulty learning the language also. “The language was difficult to learn; I messed up some of my lines to be honest,” said Ian.

Mr. Olson, our Pittsford drama teacher, who also played Friar Francis, gave his input on what the cast had a hard time on as a whole. “We struggled on learning our lines. The fact that we did our play towards the end of the year shows that we did struggle. We did have a lot of absences so at times I worried,” expressed Mr. Olson. He was very impressed on how the cast did, though. “They exceeded my expectations; they did a really good job,” said Mr. Olson.

Some of the cast expressed their favorite parts of the play. Katy Porter who was Margaret and a watchmen, just loved playing her part. “I had a lot of fun being two different people, and putting my own twist on my characters,” said Katy. Others just loved being on stage, such as Gia Jackson, who played Ursula (the maid of Hero). “I really just loved being on stage and the curtain call was awesome,” explained Gia. Mr. Olson was very pleased with how backstage went. “My favorite part was the backstage, the way people worked together. We grew into a team and everything came together,” stated Mr. Olson.

Mr. Olson was very happy on how everything ended up. “We had a discussion about how everyone really felt about the play and after the week I was gone, and everything really fell into place. We all became a team,” expressed Mr. Olson. Mrs. Laura who is a helper in the drama class was also very impressed by the cast. “I’m so very proud of all the kids. They all worked very hard and really became their character,” said Mrs. Laura.

Another job outstandingly done by the PHS drama class!

Girls Track Shines At Hillsdale Area Best Meet

by Jaidyn Hinkley

Last night the Pittsford Varsity girls track team attended the Hillsdale Area Best track meet at Hillsdale College, where the best track athletes from all schools in the county converge to see who truly is the best in the area. The Pittsford girl athletes did a great job of competing to their best abilities. There is no team scores for the Area Best meet but the Wildcats definitely would have won if there was.

The Wildcats won eight events in total. Freshman Gabby Richards placed first in the 100m dash with a time of 13.35. “I’ve been working hard in this event and it’s finally paid off with a big fat gold medal,” happily expressed Gabby. Sophomore Makayla McDaniel placed first in the 200m dash with a time and a PR of 26.86. “I knew I had a lot of competition and I had to try my hardest to win. It feels really good to know that I have the fastest time in Hillsdale County for this year for the 200m dash,” shared Makayla. Junior Renee Osborne took first in the 1600m run with a time of 5:45.51. Freshman Karrie Belcher once again took first in the 3200m run with a time of 12:18.31. The 4x100m relay team (Alison Toner, Jordyn Cole, Rachael Patterson, and Makayla McDaniel) received first place again with a time of 51.71. “In the 4×100 it was kind of scattered because one of our girls got hurt so it was all last minute putting people where they needed to be, but even though we had to switch everything up we still took first and with a pretty good time,” explained Alison. The 4x200m relay team (Gabby Richards, Jordyn Cole, Alison Toner, and Makayla McDaniel) also received first again with a time of 1:47.79.  The 4x800m relay team (Renee Osborne, Karrie Belcher, Gabrielle McCumber, and Danielle Jagielski) took first place with a time of 10:43.99. Lastly sophomore Rachael Patterson took first in pole vault with a height of 9-09.00. “When things were getting tense during the vault-off I started to panic, but I had my teammates and friends there to cheer me on and give me advice, which helped a ton. It’s an individual event, but I definitely had a team behind me,” graciously shared Rachael.

The lady Wildcats once again had a terrific night. Even though they are down to one more meet, which is individual state, they are still working their butts off at practice to better improve themselves. The final test will be on Saturday. Can they do even better than what they’ve already been doing? We will just have to see. Wish the ladies luck as they compete in Hudsonville on Saturday (6/2).

Girls Track Wins 2nd Straight MITCA State Title

mitca champs

The team reacts to hearing they’re once again MITCA state champs

by Jaidyn Hinkley

The Pittsford varsity girls track team went to Centreville on Saturday to compete at MITCA team state. The Wildcats worked extremely hard and as a result they come home with their second consecutive girls MITCA team state title! Pittsford placed first with 1529.5 points. Centreville placed second with 1153 points, and Hillsdale Academy placed third with 1123 points.

The Ladycats won a total of six events. Freshman Karrie Belcher won the 3200m run with a time of 12:34.56. Junior Alison Toner won the 100m hurdles with a time and a PR of 15.64. The 4x100m relay team (Jordyn Cole, Gabby Richards, Rachael Patterson, and Makayla McDaniel) took first with a time of 51.60, which is also a new school record. “I was super happy because we’ve been shooting for the record all year long and finally breaking the record was like a reward for how hard we’ve all worked for it this whole time,” explained Rachael. The 4x200m relay team (Makayla McDaniel, Jordyn Cole, Gabby Richards, and Sara Cole) also took first with a time of 1:50.26. The 4x800m relay team (Karrie Belcher, Gabrielle McCumber, Danielle Jagielski, and Renee Osborne) received first by a toe, finally beating the Academy, running a time of 10:19.94. “It was a good way to start off the meet winning the first race,” nonchalantly shared Danielle Jagielski. Patterson once again took first in pole vault, vaulting 9’3”.

Overall the Lady Cats had a terrific day despite the blazing heat. Now they can’t wait to compete their hardest at individual state this Saturday (6/2). But first they have to go kill it at the Hillsdale Area Best meet tonight. Wish them the best of luck as they finish out their season.

Non-Core Classes Still Essential For Rounded Education

by Uriel Gigowski

In tough financial times for schools, the non-core classes are typically the first things to get cut. Classes in art, music, and other skills sometimes don’t fit the finances of what a school wants to spend its money on. However, these classes are extremely important and should never be cut. These are important foundations for many kids’ futures, and as part of a well-rounded liberal arts education. Fortunately Pittsford isn’t in danger of having to make these kinds of decisions.

Mr. Schulte’s bands just keep taking steps forward. The importance of music isn’t lost on our band instructor. “I think music is important because there are students that are out there that aren’t athletic; music is their version of the athletes job so it’s what they do. They’re part of a team that’s like-minded. It’s also really good for the brain; it helps with memory, it helps with motor skills, and it helps with math scores. It’s good for the soul, it enables creativity,” explains Mr. Schulte.

Art is another skill and outlet that allows talented, creative people a way to express themselves and further their education. “Other subjects are what you need to survive, but art is about the kinds of things you survive for. The things you’re going to put in your house, your home, the things you like to look at and listen to. All of that is art. It is so important; you will be able to appreciate things to make your life richer,” Mr. McDonough eloquently states.

Mr. Olson’s drama class put on another outstanding play this year, and being able to perform is something that teaches numerous skills people could use in the future. “It teaches me to be confident in front of a crowd; it also gives me a voice where I’m not scared to speak in front of others,” said sophomore Samantha Leggett.

Hopefully Pittsford won’t be put in too many dicey financial situations coming up, but if so, they’d be wise to understand that the arts aren’t just fluff that can be easily cut—they’re integral in educating the whole student, and students that have unique and diverse skills.

Boys Track 3rd At SCAA League Meet

by Cody Sprunger

On Tuesday May 22 the Pittsford boys track team traveled to Hillsdale College for the SCAA championship meet, where they took third behind Hillsdale Academy and St. Philip. Pittsford finished with 104.5 points, Hillsdale Academy had 135 and St. Phil had 124.

In the 100 meter dash Skylor Osborn took 5th with a 11.79s time. In the 200 meter dash Ben Sprunger took 4th with a time of 24.44 seconds. In the 800 meter run Todd Kuhn took 8th with a time of 2 minutes and 16 seconds. Todd wished he could have done more for his teammates. “I’m happy that I was able to score a point for the team but disappointed that I only ran a 2:16,” felt Todd. In the 110 meter hurdles senior Michael Koester took 1st with a time of 15.94 and Jesse Clement took 3rd with a time of 16.51. In the 300 meter hurdles Jesse Clement also took 3rd with a time of 43.94. In the 400 meter relay the team of Ben Sprunger, Michael Koester, Skylor Osborn and Andrew Vondeylen took 3rd with a time of 46.0.

In the field events, sophomore Kimball Hughes took 3rd in shot put throwing 43-01.25 feet and 4th in discus throwing 128-07 feet. Michael Koester took 3rd in high jump with a height of 6’0 followed by Ricker Probst in 4th with a height of 5’10. In pole vault Jesse Clement took 3rd with a height of 12 feet. And in long jump Skylor Osborn took first with a jump of 20-02.50 feet. Skylor feels that the 20+ foot jumps are his new normal. “I’ve been jumping 19 feet consistently all year and now I’m starting to stay consistent in the low 20’s and I feel that’s where I’m supposed to be jumping,” said Skylor.

Girls Track Wins SCAA Championship

osborne league meet

Junior Renee Osborne runs away from the competition at the league meet

by Jaidyn Hinkley

The Pittsford girls’ varsity track team returned to the Hillsdale College last night for the SCAA conference championship meet. The Ladycats brought home not only one, but two trophies. They received a trophy for being the East divisional champions and for being the SCAA conference champions. The Wildcats took first with 194 points, while Hillsdale Academy took second with 115, and Athens took third with 78.

The Lady Wildcats won a whopping eight events. Junior Renee Osborne finished first in the 3200m run with a time of 12:15.67, which was a PR. Junior Alison Toner won both the 100m hurdles and the 300m hurdles with times of 16.06 and 48.88, respectively. The 4×100 relay team (Gabby Richards, Jordyn Cole, Makayla McDaniel, and Rachael Patterson) set a new meet record with a time of 52.33. The 4×200 relay team (J. Cole, McDaniel, Richards, and Toner) also set a new meet record with a time of 1:50.60. “It felt so amazing to set two meet records. I was so happy when I found out,” excitedly said Gabby. The 4×800 relay team (Gabrielle McCumber, Danielle Jagielski, Osborne, and Karrie Belcher) received first with a time of 10:36.10. Sophomore Lindsey Clarke won high jump with a jump of 5-00.00. Senior Mollie Smith won pole vault with a jump of 9-06.00 and set a PR in the process.

Along with the Pittsford girls team winning two trophies, Toner also won her own personal trophy. She received the “outstanding female athlete on the track” trophy. “I was pretty shocked. I knew I had a chance at it, but I didn’t think I’d get it so getting it was really exciting,” shared Ali. The girls were overall proud with how they did. Even though there wasn’t quite as many PR’s they still worked really hard. “I think we performed very well! There was lots of PR’s and everyone was doing very great,” explained Lindsey.

The girls will go to Centreville, Michigan on Saturday (5/26) to hopefully bring home the MITCA team state championship title.

Boys Track Qualifies Six For State Meet At Regionals

by Jeremy Britton

Saturday May 19th 2018 at Hillsdale College was a day for Pittsford boys track members to get a shot at going to the individual state track meet. Six athletes ended up going to state for field events and some running events, others set new personal records and did not qualify for the state meet. As a group, Pittsford finished 5th at regionals (Addison won it, Hillsdale Academy was second), only one point away from 4th place. The day was all about the individual athlete and how they performed.

Senior Michael Koester placed 5th in the 110m hurdles with a time of 16.30, which was good enough to qualify for the state meet. Koester also qualified in the high jump, jumping 5’11 (good for 3rd) with a qualifying height. In pole vault, junior Jesse Clement made state by jumping 12 feet in pole vault, which placed him 4th. Junior Ben Sprunger, Koester, sophomore Andrew Vondeylen, and junior Skylor Osborn qualified for state in the 4x100m relay with a time of 45.83, placing them 5th. In the discus, sophomore Kimball Hughes got 3rd and is on his way to state with a distance of 130-10. Osborn won the long jump and qualified for the state meet, leaping 20-02.75. That was also Skylor’s PR. “It took a lot of work to get where I am at today in how I preform. You just have that one jump and you just hit it and after you land you know that you did something amazing. A feeling you only get the chance to get a few times,” commented Skylor.

In the 400m sophomore Alex Bastein set a new personal record with a time of 54.24, but just one second out of qualifying for state. Freshman Kody Smith set himself a new personal record in the mile with a time of 5:17.12, always pushing himself to do better. In the 300m hurdles Clement set a new personal record and just missed state by one tenth of a second with a time of 43.13. “It’s hard to realize that you were so close to getting a chance at state but it just drives me to do better and work harder,” vows Jesse.

PHS Recognizes Stellar Scholars At Academic Banquet

by Lucas McGraw

Last Wednesday marked a monumental night of each spring, where Pittsford High School honors their high achieving students. There were awards given out for all the classes by all the teachers, along with countless scholarships.

In the math department, Mr. Brown presented Colton Black, Dakota Black, Kimball Hughes, and Sierra Kuenzer with the Algebra 2 award. He then presented Laney Clark, Emily Moyer and Jaidyn Hinkley with the geometry award. “Participating in class discussions, paying attention, doing your homework, and studying are all things that I think put me ahead of everyone else,” explained Emily Moyer. Last but not least he presented senior Keagan Hinkley with the personal finance award. Mr. Clark then presented the Trig/Calc award to Alexis Stachn and the Algebra 1 award to Elaina Kuenzer.

In the sciences, Mr. Burger presented junior Kelsey Moyer with the physics award and Laney Clark and Jaidyn Hinkley with the physical science award. “Working hard, paying attention in class, wanting to do the best you can, and doing your homework are all good things that will make you stand out,” explained Laney Clark. Mrs. Clement presented Mailia Hauer with the chemistry award. “It was really cool to be recognized in chemistry because I do try and help other kids out when they seem like they are struggling, so I am really happy about getting this award,” said Mailia.

In the English department, Mr. Hoover presented the ENG 11 award to Kelsey Moyer and the ENG 12 award to Anna Vander Hoff. Mr. Olson followed up by presenting Samantha Leggett with the Drama award, Laney Clark with the English 9 award, and Rachael Patterson with the English 10 award.

In the foreign languages, Mr. Olson gave Alandra Hess the German award, while Mr. Wilson presented Elaina Kuenzer with the Spanish 1 award, Gia Jackson with the Spanish 2 award, and Annabelle Osborne with the Spanish 3 award.

In the social studies department, Mr. Irelan presented Kelsey Moyer with the civics award, Mailia Hauer with the economics award, Ashlyn Wilson with the psychology award, and Mailia Hauer with the sociology award. Mr. Lovell presented Laney Clark with the World History award, Dakota Black with the US History award, Jaidyn Hinkley with the Archaeology award, and last but definitely not least Lucas McGraw with the Golden Shaman award. “I felt like I earned these awards because I put quite a bit of effort into all my classes, so it was definitely cool to be able to be recognized for that kind of thing,” said Dakota.

Mr. Hoeft presented Kelsey Moyer, Mailia Hauer, Colton Black, and Dakota Black with the Drafting 1 award. “I was happy I got the awards but I didn’t really feel like I did anything differently than anyone else, but I am still happy that I got them,” felt Colton. Mr. McDonough presented senior Annabella Williams with the art award, and band teacher Mr. Schulte presented senior Kaleigh Bonner with the band award.

Cool Down On A Hot Day With Your Favorite Ice Cream Treat

banana split

Beat the heat with this cool treat

by Cody Sprunger

There’s almost no better way to cool off on a hot summer day than getting a cool, creamy ice cream treat. Whether it may be something as simple as chocolate cone or as elaborate as a filled-to-the-brim banana split. No matter how intricate or simple your favorite is, it obviously must be good enough to be labeled as your #1 pick.

Freshman Dominic Dow likes the mixture of the cool mint and the sweetness of the chocolate chips. “My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip because of the way the mint and chocolate mix,” said Dominic.

Freshman Haiden Coles likes to feel like he’s having a warm treat in frozen form. “My favorite is cookie dough because it’s almost exactly like eating a frozen cookie,” said Haiden. Sophomore Samantha Leggett likes the strong rich peanut buttery taste. “I like peanut butter milkshakes because they’re creamy and delicious,” says Sam. Freshman Joseph Cramer likes to keep it simple with chocolate. “Chocolate is my favorite because it’s so simple but yet so sweet and rich,” feels Joeseph.

Junior Katie Rose likes a sweet but tangy ice cream. “My favorite ice cream is lemon Ice cream because of the way the sour lemon mixes with the ice and sugar,” said Katie. Sophomore Cassity Hickok is into tropical fruit types of ice cream. “My favorite ice cream is coconut ice cream because its tropical but it’s also really hard to find some with good flavor,” says Cassity.

Whatever your fave is, find a nice hot day and some great shade, and spend some time enjoying your favorite cool treat!