Varsity Girls Basketball Completes Fifth Consecutive Undefeated Regular Season

by Jordyn Cole

Last night the Lady Wildcats traveled to Redskin territory and came out of the night with a win to add another undefeated season to the list. If you’re counting, that’s five consecutive undefeated regular seasons! The Cats’ had a rough game, possibly the worst of the season, but still won 43-31.

Usually, there is a good half and a bad half for the ‘Cats, but last night there was just two terrible halves. “It was just a bad game all-around; we turned the ball over way too much,” said senior Marissa Shaw. As a team, the ‘Cats turned the ball over 27 times, tripling the average of 9 turnovers from the previous games. No shots would fall, either. “None of our shots would go in. We missed so many from the free throw line also,” said sophomore Sara Cole. The ‘Cats were 10 for 25 from the free-throw line. At the half, the score was 20-11.

The second half wasn’t much better than the first half, as no shots would go in, and nothing was happening on offense. Getting the 50/50 balls was an issue also. “Our team usually gets all of the loose balls, but we didn’t get most of them last night,” recalls junior Ali Toner There was problems with the weak-side defense too. “Our offense could have been a little better, and on defense we kept letting the ball get to the backside,” explained senior Sydni Brunette. The score even got within 3 points at 25-22 before the ladies picked it up to a 34-24 lead by the end of the quarter, ultimately winning by 12.

Shaw led all around with 13 points, eight steals, and four assists. Ali Toner was right behind with 11 points, six rebounds, and four assists. Brunette contributed with nine points, five steals and four assists.

Come out to Clinton on Monday to watch the Pittsford open district play against Clinton.


Girls Tie, Boys Shut-Out In Bowling Vs. Madison

by Ashlee Spicer

Last Wednesday, February 14th, both the boys and girls bowling team had matches against Madison. The girls ending with a 15-15 tie but the boys were blanked, 30-0.

For the girls, freshman Kathryn McArthur rolled well with a 192 and 154. “I just tried to focus as much as I could,” expressed Kathryn. Senior Alexis Strachn rolled in a 169. “I just bowled my best,” stated Alexis. Junior Kim Rinck also had a high score, rolling a 175. Despite the tie, Coach Koester was still very pleased with the girls. “It was a tight match. If we would have picked up one more baker point or game point we would have won. The girls did a nice job,” thought Coach Koester.

The boys also had 3 high scorers. Zach Williams rolled in a 145 and 156. “I just practiced as much as I could,” said Zach.  Senior Justin Yeager scored a 163 and 131, saying “I just hit my mark.  Haiden Coles also rolled in a 131. Coach Koester knew the guys would be up against it, with Madison boasting a strong squad. “Madison has a very strong guy’s team. We can stick with them on the bakers, but we seemed to struggle individually,” said Coach Koester.

JV Girls Hoops Finishes Season With W At C-F

by Jaidyn Hinkley

The JV Wildcats girls’ basketball team played their last game of the season on Thursday, taking on the Camden-Frontier Redskins at Camden. The game was extremely nerve-racking. The score kept going back and forth between the two teams majority of the game, but fortunately the ‘Cats were able to pull out a win in the end with a final score of 33-31.

The Wildcats were planning on coming out and playing their very best game of the season since it was their last game of the season. But that was the complete opposite of how they actually played. Last night they played the worst they have ever played all season, even worse than they did their very first game against Hudson. The first quarter was absolutely atrocious. They played like they didn’t know how to play basketball. They were also all over the place with everything and had super sluggish passes. “Our passes were bad because we were going way too fast and we were just simply out of control,” said annoyed sophomore Sam Leggett. Nobody could make a shot, either. And their defense was the worst it has ever been; they were just really lazy on defense. The second quarter was slightly better. They were finally acting like they knew how to play basketball and they weren’t being quite as sluggish with everything.

The second half of the game was a hundred times better, but it still wasn’t good. The score in the whole second half kept going back and forth by one or two points. It was extremely nerve-racking for the Ladycats. Not too long into the second half both teams were in the bonus, meaning they’d be shooting a lot of free throws the rest of the way. By the third quarter both teams eventually got to double bonus. Because their defense was so bad they ended up switching back to man-to-man defense partway through the game and luckily that worked better. In the end it was bonus free throws that saved them the game. The ‘Cats were ahead by two points in the last 45 seconds of the game and thankfully they were able to just dribble it out for the most of that 45 seconds.

Overall the game was absolutely horrible. For some odd reason the Wildcats played horrible their very first and very last game of their season. However, history will only record that it was a win. Though it’s sad they weren’t able to win by a ton like they were hoping, in the end a win is a win.

Winter Olympics Has Fans At PHS

shaun white

American snowboarder Shaun White celebrates after his amazing half-pipe run at the 2018 Winter Olympics

by Jordyn Cole

Have you ever been snowboarding, skiing or ice skating for fun, maybe pulled out a trick and didn’t wreck yourself, and thought “Man, I should be in the Olympics!” The 2018 Winter Olympics are going on right now in PyeongChang, South Korea, and athletes around the world are competing in numerous winter sports to see who is the best of the best.

There are 15 different sports to watch during the winter Olympics, there are five different types of skiing, ski jumping, cross country skiing, Nordic combined, alpine skiing, and freestyle skiing. There is also bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton which are all alike. There is also a biathlon, curling, speed skating, and short track speed skating. Then there are popular ones among Americans, like hockey, figure skating, and snowboarding. People are glued to their televisions watching these, so what are the fave events of people here at Pittsford High School?

The majority like snowboarding. “I like the snowboarding, like Shaun White. It’s cool to watch them do all those cool flips and stuff,” said Savannah Gamble. Halfpipe is definitely a favorite event for snowboarding fans. “The snowboarding halfpipe is my favorite because it’s the only thing about the Olympics that’s interesting,” said sophomore Kimball Hughes. Sophomore Lindsey Clarke also likes the half-pipe, because it’s awesome seeing the females do such risky tricks. “My favorite is women’s half pipe because it’s cool to see them do all the front flips and backflips,” said Lindsey.

Although curling isn’t a very popular sport, some students love it, like Chandler VanderHoff. “I just really like watching people sweep,” says Chandler. Junior Cage Hodos likes curling because he can just chill out. “I really like curling because it’s such a relaxing sport to watch,” said Cage.

A couple of people like downhill skiing, like Mr.Mallar. “My favorite is downhill skiing, because I downhill ski and I should have been in the Olympics,” thinks Mr. Mallar. Mr. Hoeft also likes downhill skiing because it brings him back to his childhood “I like downhill skiing because its fast and exciting and it reminds me of my younger days when I did stuff like that,” recalls Mr. Hoeft.

Kennedy Chesney likes the figure skating and how graceful and acrobatic it can be. “I like the figure skating because I like to watch the people do all of the twists and stuff on the ice,” says Kennedy.

Alex Bastien Qualifies For State Wrestling Meet

by Jeremy Britton

Pittsford sophomore wrestler Alex Bastien was the only Wildcat to make it to regionals at Hudson High School, and this past Saturday Alex was put to the test on the mat to see if he had what it took to qualify for the state meet. In the 112 lb weight class, Alex took on some stiff competition and went 3-1, qualifying for the state meet at Ford Field in Detroit!

Alex’s first match was against a senior from White Pidgon, and it didn’t go well for Alex, as he got pinned in the third period. “He had way better technique than me had more experience because he was a senior,” said Alex.

From there, though, it was all positive. In Alex’s second match he wrestled a kid from Kalamazoo Lakeside. Alex made quick work of his opponent, pinning him in under a minute! Alex had never heard of the school before and was a little nervous “I think the kid just froze up. He was weaker than me and did not have the experience that I had,” said Alex.

It only got better for Alex as he went into his third match, this time against an opponent from wrestling powerhouse Addison. The match went all the way to the 3rd period and it was a close decision, where Alex won on points, 6-5. “He tried to pin me two times with the cradle. They were some close calls, but I could just use my muscle to get out and reverse for the win,” explains Alex.

In his finals match, Alex wrestled a kid from Colon. Though Alex was overpowering him, the kid form Colon would not let Alex pin him. “I had the kid pinned in the 1st period but the ref did not call it, so the match went on till the 2nd period, and then I stuck him on his back within .13 seconds in the second period,” recalled Alex.

In the end, Alex had an amazing day at regionals, placing 3rd and making his way to state. “It’s going to be a lot of work to prepare for state, but I am going to try my best and do as good as I can,” said Alex. Great job, Alex, and best of luck at the state meet!

JV Boys Basketball Blasts Rams (Again)

by Cody Sprunger

Tuesday night the JV boys basketball team hosted one of their rivals, almost-neighbors NA-J. This was the second time playing them in as many games, and after beating the Rams handily Friday night, the ‘Cats handled their business by an even larger margin this time, winning 62-33.

The guys came out strong right away with great ball pressure and good offensive movement as they shut out the Rams 15-0 in the first quarter. The 2nd quarter was nearly as good, as Pittsford took a 34-8 lead into halftime. Kaylon Alexander liked the defensive ball pressure of the first half. “Our defense was good in the first half, we got some denials, stayed on our man and our defense in the first was better than the second,” stated Kaylon.

The second half was good but that same ball pressure from the first half dwindled. The guys still played good defense but it just wasn’t the same as the first half. The offense was still moving the ball well and finding open guys. Josh Logan liked the team’s effort. “I felt the team effort was everywhere, on the offensive end. I felt like things were just clicking for most of our players. There wasn’t an instance where two players just had to score, and everybody on the team knew what they were doing and we were playing as a team like it should be,” expressed Josh.

Ethan Spahr felt the two halves were quite different on the offensive end. “The first half was just attack, attack, and the second half was slower, we didn’t move the ball as much and shot the ball too much from 3-point,” stated Ethan.

The leading scorer on the night was Cody Sprunger with 12points.

Pittsford hosts C-F on Friday.

PHS Recognizes Favorite African Americans For Black History Month

Dream Speech

People all over the country are grateful for the efforts of African Americans like Martin Luther King, Jr.

by Jaidyn Hinkley

The month of February is Black History Month. Black History Month is used to remember the important contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout our nation’s history. The dedication of February being Black History Month started all the way back in 1926, and we’ve been celebrating it every year since. In honor of Black History Month, students at PHS shared their favorite African Americans in history.

Sophomore Danielle Jagielski said that her favorite African American is the brilliant Martin Luther King Jr. “Martin Luther King Jr. because he believed everyone is equal,” said Danielle. Sixth grader Rylee Miller also chose Martin Luther King Jr. “Martin Luther King Jr. because he taught people that it doesn’t matter what your skin color is and that everyone should be treated equally,” explained Rylee. Junior Chase Wilks chose a different important African American in history. “I would say Rosa Parks because she actually stood up for what she believed in instead of doing what everyone else tried to make her do,” stated Chase humbly. Eighth grader Kaitlyn Cole said that Harriet Tubman was her favorite African American. She chose her for her selfless acts. “Instead of her being selfish, she went and helped seventy slaves get through the underground railroad to get safe,” explained Kaitlyn.

Some other students at Pittsford chose African Americans for the beautiful work they did and or created. Sophomore Karissa Sanders chose Ray Charles. “Ray Charles because he produced such amazing music throughout his life,” said Karissa. Freshman Laney Clark went with someone for their impeccable talents. “Louis Armstrong because he was a great trumpet player and he influenced and changed jazz for the better,” said Laney in awe. Senior Anna Vander Hoff couldn’t choose just one African American. “Well, I guess Maya Angelou for her poetry, or Stevie Wonder for the fact that he’s an amazing musician and he can’t even see what he’s playing, which is so impressive,” declared Anna.

Junior Cage Hodos chose a Major League Baseball player. “Jackie Robinson because he was the first black to get to play in the MLB,” said Cage. Senior Marissa Shaw chose a basketball player. “Isiah Thomas because he was one of my favorite basketball players,” shared Marissa. Junior Abby Pidd picked someone simply because they’re hilarious. “Kevin Hart because he’s funny,” said Abby. Freshman Zechariah Brunette thought in a different way when he chose his favorite African American. “Malcom X. He was a human rights activist. Instead of being peaceful about the situation, he was more violent. I consider him my favorite because he showed people that if you’re going to treat other people bad they’re just going to show you how it feels,” said Zechariah admiringly.

Almost everyone chose a different African American they admire, which is fantastic. Though February is Black History Month, it’s always a good time to recognize the contributions of the people who helped shape America for the better.

“Fortnite” A Hit With Gamers At PHS


Squad up with your bros in this wildly popular game

by Lucas McGraw

After a worldwide explosion of popularity, “Fortnite: Battle Royale” has people begging for more. This simple but addicting game has taken the world by storm since its release date on September 26th 2017.

Now the game has over 45 million active players which is a huge amount of players for a newly-emerging game. “I think the game is so popular because it allows people to easily squad up with friends and connect with people all over the world,” explains junior Ben Sprunger. The game has months of unheard-of growth, such as 10 million people in a month. “The game just exploded when it first came out. People really seem to like it because it’s easy to learn and very simple, so even new gamers can play it with ease,” thinks senior Austin Fellows.

For all the people who have not experienced this beautiful game you may be wondering what Fortnite is all about. “Fortnite: Battle Royale” is a survival shooter battleground that forces players to drop on an island with 99 other people and fight for guns, health, resources, and so much more. The object of the game is to stock up on whatever you can and be the last one standing. The game is filled with crazy battles and strategic situations. “Fortnite is the best game ever created. It is incredibly fun and, to be completely honest, I am severely addicted to the game. It’s definitely hard to put down once you start playing,” says junior Zach Bowers.

With all the hype over the game the developers have been going above and beyond to make sure all their players have a wonderful gaming experience. They have come out with new updates to the game just about every week, ensuring that the game stays fresh and fun for their players. “They are constantly adding new content to the game keeping it fresh and new,” explains junior Jake Burger.

They just released their biggest update ever revamping the whole map and adding tons of new points of interest. Fortnite is showing no signs of slowing down as their growth is coming in at and unbelievable rate.

Students Reflect On Heroes For “National Heroes Day”

by Jaidyn Hinkley

February 1st was National Heroes Day. The day is meant to honor the heroes in your life. If you knew about this day, who would you honor? Maybe it’s someone you know or maybe it’s just someone you look up to.

Everyone has a hero and many people choose a family member as their hero. Some students at PHS chose a male family member as their hero. “My grandpa is my hero because he always believed in me,” said seventh grader Emma Faust. Seventh grader Maddie Way also chose her grandpa as her hero. “My grandpa because he’s been through a lot and he stays strong no matter what,” states Maddie proudly. Sophomore Garrett Fish decided to choose his father as his hero. “My dad because he is somebody that I can look up to and talk to,” says Garrett.

Other students at PHS chose a female rather than a male family member as their person they admire. Sophomore Lindsey Clarke says that her mom is her hero and for a very good reason. “My hero is my mom. My mom does a lot of things for me. She drives me to dance as soon as she gets home.  She makes late night meals for me when I get home late. She always makes sure that my family has clean clothes. She does so many different things for me! I am super grateful for her,” explains Lindsey gleefully. Eighth grader Emily Bolenbaugh also picked her mom, but for different reasons. “My mom because whenever I’m in trouble or something happens to me she is always there to rescue me,” shares Emily. Freshman Lacy Halliwill chose her grandma as her hero for a very inspiring reason. “I’d have to say my grandma because she taught me to be myself and not care what anyone else thinks or says about me, stand for what’s right and show that you’re beautiful,” explains Lacy humbly.

Several other students picked people that they aren’t personally related to, but they look up to them. Senior Wyatt Fish chose a professional NFL player. “Tom Brady because he went from being the 199th pick in the draft to the best quarterback in history,” declared Wyatt. Junior Renee Osborne picked someone that helps her better herself. “Tina Smith because she helps better me in the things I’m so passionate about. Tina helps me during every race and on the practice field. She is blunt about the things we need to better and always has the perfect advice. She pushes me to meet the goals I have set,” shares Renee gladly. Freshman Gabe Way chose someone who literally saved his life, as his hero. “Rathul Raychaudhuri is my hero because he was the neurosurgeon that operated on my head to save my life,” stated Gabe gratefully.

Is your hero a family member or is it someone who inspires you? No matter who your hero is they must be wonderful in order for you to look up to them. You may even be someone else’s hero and you just don’t know it, so continue to be you and inspire the world.

JV Girls Hoops Struggles In Win Over C-F

by Jaidyn Hinkley

The Pittsford Ladycat JV girls basketball team took on the Camden-Frontier Redskins last Wednesday, and though they struggled to keep a comfortable lead over C-F, they managed to escape with the W, 38-25.

The Wildcats were very shaky in the first quarter, as they just couldn’t seem to get ahold of things. The first quarter of the game was just rough all around for the ‘Cats. “I think the reason we didn’t play well in the first quarter might relate to just not having too many practices lately or just because we weren’t mentally ready since we don’t focus too much before the game,” said freshman Gabby Richards. The ‘Cats also seemed to be too scared to shoot the ball most of the time throughout the game. Nobody would shoot even if they were in the perfect position and no one was on them. The second quarter of the game was a great comeback. The girls came out ready to go at the beginning of the second quarter and they carried that energy through that quarter and the third. Really the only problem the ladies had in the second quarter was that they were a little slow to move to the right position in their tornado defense. Other than that the quarter was really good.

The Cats carried their newfound energy to the third quarter too. They were getting more aggressive and a little less timid with shooting. The Ladycats were still a bit slow on switching positions in tornado, though. One thing that the Wildcats were not doing well the whole game was rebounding. They kept forgetting to rebound after a shot or something. The fourth quarter of the game might have been the worst one. The girls barely scored in the fourth quarter and they seemed to be losing their energy from the second quarter. “I think the fourth quarter was bad because we passed the ball a lot instead of driving to the basket, and when we had open shots the ball just didn’t want to go in,” thought sophomore Kara Hughes.