PHS Students Attend College Fair At Hillsdale College

by Jazmyn Buschmann

If you’re on the college path, now is the time to start really looking into colleges and making some big decisions. On Monday October 16th there was a college fair hosted at Hillsdale College in the Margot V. Biermann Athletic Center. There were over 60 colleges and universities from the tri-state area, financial aid institutions, and representatives from all branches of the armed forces. All of these people were there to help and encourage students on their paths to success. Mrs. Mallar even handed out a paper that morning full of questions for students to ask the representatives and encourage them to start thinking. As if that wasn’t encouraging enough, there was a drawing available for a $20 Amazon gift card for any Pittsford students who attended.

For seniors, it was especially an important event to attend due to the scholarship opportunities. Hillsdale County Community Foundations had a table offering a scholarship booklet full of scholarships available to Hillsdale County students. This also came with an application form to be filled out. Just for a reminder the applications will be due March 1st 2018. “I’m glad I went, because I got a scholarship booklet to learn about all of the scholarships and what I should apply for,” says senior Austin Fellows. Once students open these books they will realize how helpful these booklets are. “I went to get my scholarship booklet and I walked around to see the different colleges but they didn’t have the ones I was interested in so I left,” states senior Heidi Hedrick. It was nice for seniors to go and get what they needed even if they didn’t have what they were looking for.

Some students found the exact college they were looking for and had some questions answered to help them make some decisions. “I was mostly interested in talking to a college rep for SVSU to see if they offer the majors I’m interested in,” shared sophomore Cassity Hickok. Even if students know what they’re going to do it’s nice to clarify and talk about more opportunities for later in the future. “I talked to Jackson College about transferring from their school to another and they gave me a pamphlet,” stated senior Wyatt Fish.

There was an Amazon gift card awarded for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who attended the college fair. The sophomore winner from PHS was Cassity Hickok who won a $10 gift card for Amazon, junior Devin Petrie won a $20 gift card, and senior Jazmyn Buschmann won a $30 gift card. Congratulations to all the winners!


Varsity Football Thumps Climax-Scotts, Wins League Title

hodos whitner climax

Cage Hodos (51) and Lukas Whitner celebrate the huge victory over Climax-Scotts (photo credit: the Battle Creek Enquirer)

by Kyle Brown

The Climax-Scotts Panthers had beaten Pittsford 11 straight times, dating back to 2008 when Pittsford won 17-14 on a last-second field goal. Last Friday night, the Wildcats shocked many as they went on the road and thoroughly beat the 5th-ranked Panthers 28-14. With the win, not only did the Wildcats break the 11-game streak, but they won their first league title in over a decade as well. To also add to the night of accomplishment, the Wildcats became the first league team to beat Climax in 52 games. To say this win was huge for the ‘Cats is an understatement.

In the 1st quarter, Pittsford established dominance early, as the defense forced a quick 3 and out and punt by the Climax offense. The Pittsford offense established a mix of running and passing in their first drive, which concluded with 9:13 remaining on an 18-yard pass from junior QB Jake Burger to junior WR Lucas McGraw. With the PAT good, the ‘Cats took a 7-0 lead. Climax wasn’t down, though, as they revived themselves with a 25-yard run for a touchdown. Failing to convert their 2 point conversion though, Pittsford held onto the lead, 7-6. On Pittsford’s next possession, they look like a well-oiled machine, driving all the way down the field, and closing the first quarter on the 1 yard line.

The ‘Cats opened the 2nd with a 1 yard QB sneak by Burger. Adding on the PAT, Pittsford increased their lead to 14-6. The rest of the quarter was dominated by the ‘Cats, as they ran in 27-yard and 6-yard touchdowns, both by junior Justice Geletzke. With both PAT’s good, the ‘Cats took a commanding 28-6 lead into halftime.

The 3rd period was a defense-dominant quarter, with the one and only touchdown coming from Climax with 4:17 left on the clock. With their 2 point conversion, the Panthers cut the lead to 28-14.

The 4th was much of the same, as the two defenses refused to give in. But, with one final 1st down with 1:03 left, Pittsford completed their greatest goals, winning the league title, and beating rival Climax-Scotts. “It was amazing,” said senior Austin Fellows. “As soon as we went into victory formation, I instantly filled with emotion because we won the league title and finally beat them.”

Coach Mike Burger was quick to give props to his offensive and defensive lines. “Our biggest factor was the ability to control the line of scrimmage,” said Coach Burger. There is a lot of truth in that short quote by Coach Burger.

On the offense, it was Geletzke leading the rushing attack, racking up 121 yards and 2 touchdowns on 14 carries. Defensively, junior Jesse Clement led in tackles with 12, while also adding an interception.

With this win, Pittsford improved to 7-1, and hopes to finish their excellent season with a win on Friday when they make the 2-hour drive to Ashley to take on the 1-7 Bears.

High School Students Attend Suicide Prevention Assembly At Hillsdale College

by Jake Burger

On October 12 the Hillsdale County Community Foundation brought all the students of Hillsdale County together to listen to a speaker about suicide prevention.  Mike Veny came into to Hillsdale County to talk about the effects of stigma and suicide prevention. “I thought it was cool and inspirational that he got over his mental issues and found a way to cope with it and thought it was neat to be able to talk to a group of kids about his problems”. Veny is a man that has mental health issues but he didn’t let that stop him from becoming a world class drummer and motivational speaker.

Veny works for a company called Transforming Stigma. The company’s goal is to spread awareness about what stigma is and how the illness works. What sets Mike apart from other speakers is his authenticity and straightforwardness. He is very easy to understand so that audience members can apply immediately.

They also let all the students of Hillsdale County know about a challenge they want to start here in Hillsdale. #iwontbesilent challenge is flowing all over the internet and Twitter. The challenge is about speaking out against bullying and talk to depressed children and try to cheer them.

Veny also commented on how he calms anxiety he uses Meditation is a simple yet powerful tool that reduces anxiety. The style of meditation that he practices practice is called Primordial Sound Meditation. He finds a comfortable position to sit in, closes his eyes, and begins silently repeating a mantra in his mind. This tool allows him to have time each day where his body is still and his mind is silent.

Another way Veny calms his anxiety and depression by playing the drums. “I think it’s great because I like drumming too; I like hitting stuff, it calms me down. When I’m in class I hit my desk to calm down, “said junior Zach Bowers. Veny went to a performing art school where he learned to play the drums at a professional level, and gave multiple examples of his drumming skill to the crowd, drawing cheers.

The students in attendance were impressed with the talk. “I thought it was cool and inspirational that he got over his mental issues and found a way to cope with it and thought it was neat to be able to talk to a group of kids about his problems,” said junior Renee Osborne.  Students were also impressed with Veny’s drumming skills. Veny runs drumming circles with companies for company bonding. Veny says he enjoys watching companies bond and their poor drumming skills. “It’s amazing and inspiring that he was able to find something that calms him down and helps him cope with his problems, but yet he makes a living off of it; he makes money what he loves doing” thought senior Austin Fellows.

Mike Veny’s goal was to spread the word about anxiety and stigma and try let people that are affected that they can find help and their not alone, and he was successful in reaching students. “I talked to a couple kids who really did connect with it because they know someone who is suicidal or depressed or felt anxiety and those kids did like it,” said Mrs. Mallar. She hopes that the students at-risk here at PHS heed his advice. “I hope that kids listen to him when he told them they need to practice self-care. They need to find something that they like, get involved in something, ask for help when they need it,” she added. “My office door is open anytime and I can be a listening ear and I have resources if you need help,” Mrs. Mallar suggested.

JV Football Cages Panthers

vondeylan climax

Andrew Vondeylen outrunning the C-S defense

by Cody Sprunger

Last Thursday, the Wildcat JV football team hosted perhaps their biggest rival—the Climax-Scotts Panthers. That night the rivalry was very one-sided, though, as the Wildcats massacred the Panthers 45-0.

After the Wildcat defense forced stops on the first two Panther possessions, the offense finally found its footing as Andrew Vondeylen took it in for the first touchdown. The ‘Cats were back on defense and forced another punt and quickly drove down the field and in for the touchdown on a run by Kaylon Alexander, now making the score 12-0. Yet again the ‘Cats were back on defense after the kick and forced the Panthers to punt for the fourth time in the 1st half, where the ‘Cats would seize the opportunity and pound it down the Panthers throat and score with 1 second left in the half on a Jeremy Britton run, giving them an 18-0 lead.

To start the 2nd half the ‘Cats received the kick. They made quick work of the Panther defense and after a 67 yard run by Britton, where he eventually was caught on the 10 yard line, Vondeylen punched it in for the touchdown making it 24-0. This time the ‘Cats were back on offense after an interception by Britton. And after the a few plays Britton was back in the end zone for another Wildcat touchdown to push the lead to 30 points.

The Wildcats now were back on defense where after a few short plays the Panthers turned it over giving the Wildcats room for another touchdown by Vondeylen, while tacking on a Zackary Shaw two-point conversion catch, making the score 38-0. Now halfway through the 4th and final quarter they stopped the Panther offense from making a few big pass plays and forced a turnover on downs. With much of the ‘Cats second string in on offense they marched down the field where Ronald Stewart IV took it in for the final Wildcat touchdown. And now the Wildcat extra point team came on the field where Travis Lemar would make his first of the night rounding out the game and a 45-0 Wildcats win.

The leading rusher for the Wildcats was Britton with 144 yards, followed by Vondeylen with 86. The ‘Cats had a total of 369 rushing yards on the night where the Panther offense was limited to a mere seven yards: 22 in the 1st half and -15 in the second! “I felt that or defense must have been too overwhelming for them and just stopped them in their tracks,” stated Trevor Stockford The leading tackler was Jon Killman with 6 followed by Vondeylen with 5. For passing, Lemar was 1-3 on the night with a 21 yard pass to Travis Rose. Ronald Stewart, Joshua Logan, and Andrew Vondeylen all added a sack on the night. “The sack felt super awesome, I was so pumped” stated Ron.

It’s Fall, So It Must Mean Everything Is Pumpkin Spice

pumpkin spice ramen

We don’t think this is really a thing.

pumpkin spice burrito

Don’t think this is a thing, but maybe?

pumpkin spice toilet paper


by Nitoshia Langhann

When the leaves change color and it starts to get cold, everybody enjoys a hot cup of coffee or cocoa, or maybe some warm apple cider. However, a large segment of the population goes crazy over one particular fall flavor—pumpkin spice! From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin spice body wash, there is a huge variety of what you can get with this flavor/scent.

Most people love the smell of pumpkin spice, so Bath & Body Works had the bright idea to make a line of pumpkin spice. They have a perfume, body wash, body gel, and many lotions with this scent. This became a big hit. Many women love their pumpkin spice latte, so when they could smell it all day on their body they were in love. “I love the smell, and I think the perfume would be nice,” happily says sophomore Racheal Patterson. OK, not *everybody*. “I like pumpkin spice in my coffee but not so much as a smell,” says junior Sierra Voelzke.

Everyone is very familiar with pumpkin spice, it’s added to the original pumpkin pie to give it that pumpkin taste. But pumpkin spice decided to be in other kinds of food. Like the pumpkin spice flavored Pringles, Core Athlete pumpkin spice whey blend for all of our athletes, pumpkin spice peanut butter, or even pumpkin spice butter! “I love pumpkin spice and I don’t think they went too far by adding it into our favorite foods. I’m excited for them to add it to other things in the future!” said junior Justice Geletzke. Some people have never even thought about how pumpkin spice has gotten so famous, not knowing about the new pumpkin spice Cheerios and the other new things with this flavor. Pringles even made pumpkin spice flavored chips! “I love the flavor but when they add it to something savory that’s not sweet, it’s too much and it ruins the taste,” believes Mrs. English.

Though it may seem like everybody is crazy for pumpkin spice, that’s just not the case. “I don’t really like pumpkin spice,” remarks junior Jesse Clement.” “I hate pumpkin spice,” says junior Kennedy Chesney. But these people are seemingly in the minority, and in the future there will be many companies joining in on this pumpkin spice rampage and with the new things coming out people may start trying them.

With all of the new products coming out with the pumpkin spice flavor everyone should give them a try. If you like the flavor, it may sound weird at times, but it could be your next favorite snack. You never know, maybe one day you’ll be brushing your teeth with pumpkin spice toothpaste!

Boy Scouts To Allow Girls To Join

by Ashley Taylor

If you’re like most people, when you hear the words Girl Scouts you think of little girls walking around trying to sell cookies. When you think of Boy Scouts you probably think of little 12 year olds going camping in the woods and playing outside. These two organizations have been separate forever, but Boy Scouts are soon to include girls, and many are not happy about this.

The organization announced that younger girls will be allowed to join Cub Scouts and that older girls will be eligible to earn the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. Girl Scouts do not offer the rank of Eagle Scout. Starting next year young girls can join Cub Scouts and in 2019 a separate program for older girls will be available, enabling them to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. The rank of Eagle Scout is a widely recognized achievement, one that can have long-term benefits in academic, professional and even military spheres. Neil Armstrong and Former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates are just a couple of notable men who have attained the rank of Eagle Scout. While there is kind of an equivalent in the Girl Scouts (the Gold Award) the honor is not nearly as well known as the Eagle Scout.

I feel that if so many girls want to be a part of the Boy Scouts then maybe the Girl Scouts should change their rules. Even though the Girl Scouts have the Gold Award they still don’t seem to be satisfied. They should just get rid of the Gold Award and adopt the Eagle Scout rank, then they will both have a well-known rank. Each organization was made for different reasons so now wanting to bring them together just doesn’t make much sense. They should be separate from each other because they each have different goals within each group so trying to bring them together sounds like more work than its worth. “I don’t know a lot about Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts but I feel that they should have the same opportunities. So each of them should have the same ranks,” says Sabrina Nolan. Science teacher Mr. Cushman thinks the inclusion could be solved differently, “I don’t think (girls) should be allowed in. I think they should keep separate identities. (The Girl Scouts) should just make an equal rank. I mean, it can’t be that hard,” feels Mr. Cushman.

Juniors Justice Geletzke, Ben Sprunger, and Zach Bowers have thoughts that fit much better in 1950 than in 2017. “Girls should not be in Boy Scouts, because they are not manly enough. Girls should not be compared to boys. Girls can go sell their cookies and boys can go do outside stuff,” sarcastically commented Justice. Ben questions the physicality of the girls, saying “Girls are not strong enough to be a Boy Scout.” Zach seems to think they should stay separated, stating simply that “Girls are girls and boys are boys.” Senior Austin Fellows sees potentially unintended consequences with the mixing on retreats. “Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts shouldn’t be together, because what if you get Baby Scouts?” Austin asks. Everyone, though, agreed on the same solution: that Girl Scouts should get a rank that is just like the Eagle Scout rank. Justice even had some names for it. “They need to get their own rank; they can call it the Care Bear rank or the Grandmaster Chief thing,” suggests Justice.

Junior William Johnson sees nothing wrong with mixing the groups. “I feel like if (girls) can meet the requirements then they should be allowed to be a Boy Scout and have the Eagle Scout rank, but only if they meet the requirements,” feels William.

Although there are all these different opinions, in 2018 expansion of Boy Scouts will be taking place so girls can achieve their goals of obtaining the Eagle Scout rank.

Seniors Gain Knowledge Through FAFSA Meeting

by Bailey Coles

Paying for college can be frightening and intimidating, and that’s part of why the FAFSA meeting hosted at PHS on October 9th was helpful to many that went to the meeting.

Senior Jazmyn Buschmann went because she had many questions. “I went to this meeting because I knew I’d need some extra help filing and I’m glad I did because now I know which parent to file with and have better opportunities with,” stated Jazmyn. Senior Michael Koester wasn’t sure on the financials. “I did the FAFSA to see what I can get for colleges,” said Michael. Senior Sydni Brunette just wanted to make sure she filled out the paperwork properly. “I went so it’d be easier to file my FAFSA, and I’d get help on things I didn’t know how to do,” explained Syd. Senior Kassi Thornsbury needs to come up with the cash! “I went because I’m poor and need to find $12,000 for college, preferably before I graduate,” said Kassi.

The meeting definitely helped the students in attendance. “Going to this meeting helped me to see what my options are. If I would’ve filed on my own I wouldn’t have gotten the best deal that I can,” said Jazmyn. Sydni found out that it wasn’t as difficult as imagined. “It’s not that difficult and it really does only take about 10 minutes,” stated Syd. However, Kassi came away more disillusioned than she entered. “The FAFSA gave me nothing but a false sense of hope, to be honest,” lamented Kassi.

Snapchat, Facebook, Insta? What’s Your Fave Social Media?

by Jordyn Cole

What do you do when you are finally home from practice or school, and you just want to lay down and relax? Most would respond with “checking my Snapchat” or “scrolling through Insta.” But which one do students (and teachers) most look forward to browsing through at the end of a day?

The majority, as you may have guessed, chose Snapchat. “I like Snapchat because you can make group chats with your friends and send funny pictures in them,” said senior Sydni Brunette. Sophomore Samantha Leggett chose Snapchat because she likes one of the features. “You can use filters to make yourself look better,” said Sam. True that, Sam. Senior Mollie Smith likes the accessibility Snapchat gives her. “I like Snap because it’s the easiest way to contact my friends, because I have all of them on there,” said Mollie. Freshman Cody Sprunger just enjoys the nosiness of it. “I think my favorite is Snapchat because everybody puts stuff on their story and I like to know what everybody is up to,” said Cody.

Another big chunk of people chose Facebook. Teacher Mr. Cushman said “My favorite is Facebook because I can keep up on my friends and family without actually talking to them,” joked Mr. Cushman. Junior Jarod King was initially confused, saying “My absolute favorite social media is Power School, I just love to look at my failing grades.” After I told him Power School wasn’t a social media, then he said “Oh, well, Facebook then, because it’s funny when people tell me I’m going to jail on it,” laughed Jarod.

Senior Lily Spurgeon enjoys Instagram the most. “I like Instagram because I follow a lot of funny people and they post a lot of stupid funny stuff,” said Lily. Believe it or not, there were plenty of people who didn’t care at all for social media. “I don’t really have any social media, I don’t really care for it,” said senior Matt Osborn. Sophomore Levi Watkins isn’t a big fan of social media either. “I have social media, but I don’t get on that much so I don’t really have a favorite,” said Levi.

Though students can’t agree what the most popular social media is, they can agree they spend a ton of time on it!

Teal And Gray, Or Pink And White?!?!

teal and grey shoes

Is this shoe teal and gray or pink and white?

by Lucas McGraw

A number of years ago there was nationwide debate about the color of a dress. Many of you may remember—was the dress white and gold, or blue and black? Recently a similar argument has presented itself about the color of a shoe. There has been a huge debate over the internet on whether the shoe is teal and grey or pink and white. The real question is why people are seeing two different color shoes? The answer may lay within our brains. We see objects differently depending on the light conditions they are in.

Scientists believe this is an example of a phenomenon known as color constancy. This ability ensures that the perceived color of an object remains constant, despite changes in the light conditions. That means the surroundings of the object we are looking at influences our perception of its color.  There has been countless online debates on what color the shoe is. Some people swear it to be teal and grey and others say without a doubt that it is pink and white.

People also believe another reason we see the shoes and the dress in different colors is because our brain tries to fill things in that we don’t know. Because the shoes and dress are photographed so close up we don’t actually know its surrounding environment, so our brain starts to make interpretations about the light falling on it. If people envision that it’s located in a room with lots of natural light maybe near a window, they may see it as white and yellow because our brain tries to remove the blue as a possible shadow. If you envision it under artificial lights, like those found in shops they will most likely see it in blue, which is indeed the true color of the dress

We have asked 100 Pittsford students and teachers whether they thought the shoe was pink and white or grey and teal. The results were overwhelming, with 82 people saying grey and teal and just a mere 18 saying pink and white. Even though over 80% of the people said teal and grey, the actual color of the shoe was pink and white!

JV Volleyball Falls In Three Sets To C-F

by Jordyn Cole

Tuesday night the JV hosted Tekonsha at home and beat them effortlessly in two sets, 25-9 and 25-7.

Although the JV played phenomenally, they always find some room for improvement. Both Samantha Leggett and Kara Hughes communicated “We played good yesterday, we just still need to work on moving our feet to the ball and communicating.” Freshman Jessica Crawford said “We need to work on some minor stuff but we didn’t have much competition last night. Every time we had a good hit or a well- placed tip they would just stand there and not go after it.” Another freshman, Laney Clark, agreed. “Like Jessica said they just didn’t move at all, and their serves also weren’t very good. They were inconsistent and when they did go over they were easy to pass up,” explained Laney.

“Our serves were good and we were really strong up at the net,” said Savanna Gamble, and the stats show it. Leading in aces was Clark with an unbelievable nine, with Gamble contributing six, and a team total of 23 aces. Kara Hughes and Emma Spahr, both sophomores, led with two kills. Laney Clark had a solo block, with one dig also.

Last night, the JV hosted another game at home vs Camden-Frontier and came out with a loss in three sets, losing the first set 25-20, winning the second set 25-17, and losing the finale 16-14.

Sophomore Emma Spahr shared “We just needed to be more aggressive up at the net. If we didn’t have a good hit they would just play it back up.” Sophomore Samantha Leggett agreed, saying “If we would have been more aggressive up at the net we would have had a different outcome.”

Spahr led the team in digs with 19, followed by Clark with nine. Kara Hughes led in kills with seven, followed by Spahr with five. Sophomore Rachael Patterson led in aces with four.

Pittsford’s next game is next Tuesday at North Adams-Jerome.